Talking Trends

Jackets that look good day and night

  • Ojasvi Sharma

    Fashion Columnist 7 Jan, 17

A sultry slip dress and a jumpsuit need a single ally to reign supreme in the cooler days. Know what we’re talking about? A jacket, but ofcourse. From quilted beauty to floor sweeping classy numbers, every “It” girl is a willing slave to the trend. Take a look at our compilation of what’ll work come sun or sundowner:
  • Suede jackets: The lustrous fabric made a big comeback last season and refuses to leave it’s ‘It’ spot in the spotlight. A faux suede jacket in tan is a killer investment that will reap you ample compliments.
  • Bomber jacket: They are the bomb right now and look good with jeans as much as with a sheath dress. Pick one in a quilted pattern and raise your style meter in nanoseconds, we promise.
  • Hooded jackets: Yup! The homie look of a jacket with a hoodie spills over to the women’s jacket trend aswell. This utilitarian add-on that is here to spell swagyou’re your winter look.