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4 rad shirt looks that are interview appropriate

  • Anuradha Mohankumar

    Fashion Columnist  3 Jan, 17

Whoever said appearances don’t matter, wasn’t thinking of making a killer first impression at a job interview. Your choice of shirt and how it is worn assures you some rosy points as soon as you breeze into the room. Here’s how you can look on-point trendy and 100% impressive in your shirt.
  1. Crisp and cool: your shirt needs to be tidy, well-ironed and properly tucked in, so as to exude a formal class that’s absolutely debonair like.
  2. Checks and stripes: if the profile is not very 9-5-ish and more creative in stature, then a shirt in checks or stripes is more relaxed to give out a dressed up touch to your casual look. This way, while you let the interviewing panel in on your relaxed casual self, you are also dressed up in a button-down shirt to show that you are serious about this interview.
  3. Sleeves rolled down: Rolled up sleeve, unless they are folded up neatly, will seem too casual or show that you’re too stressed. Keep your sleeves rolled down and neatly buttoned. Rolling of the sleeves is what you do after a long day at work, when you can’t wait to get out of your workplace.
  4. Conventional and clean: An interview is not the place to experiment with your look, unless you’re applying for a fun fashion place like For other places, basics will be a safe choice to make. A crisp white shirt is a sure-shot interview winner.