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Brunch parties fashion quotient debunked

  • Akriti Chauhan

    Fashion Insider 28 Dec, 16

Brunch parties with friends and family are always something to look forward to. They are everything from finger licking food to spicy gossip, and from super fun moments to breathe taking fashionable outfits. Well, if you are looking for some fashion advice to make your brunch scenes hotter, then these fashion tips are what you need:
  1. Keep it casual yet happening in a relaxed graphic T-shirt and a pair of loose jeans. Let the print of your tee do all the talking.
  2. If you want to take the formal route, then slip into a pair of crisped chino trousers, preferably of a darker color, and a white shirt to score a tenner at the table. Team up your ensemble with a sophisticated jacket on top and a pair of dark brown brogue shoes.
  3. If semi-formal is your thing, then there is nothing perfect than a pair of distressed jeans, a typo tee with a casual jacket on top, and a pair of white sneakers.