Get the Look

The best of fall streetwear you need to try

  • Akriti Chauhan

    Fashion Insider 14 Dec, 16

Pulling off a street style look is not every guy’s cup of tea. But hey! Don’t fret. These cool combos will make you a street style winner for sure this fall/winter:
  1. Make sure your monochromes are in place. A cool white sweatshirt with a pair of black bottoms is a must have – Just like Kanye’s. Slip into a pair of kickass sneakers to complete this basic street style look.
  2. While you are focusing on your monochromatic street style ensemble. It is important that you twist it to give a classy touch. This look is our favorite – A white T-shirt with an un-buttoned shirt on top, a pair of jeans and high ankle boots. Very rustic, very classy and very street style.
  3. If you are a color fanatic and love introducing them every time you walk out. Then go ahead with any color you like, but avoid over doing. A basic olive green colored T-shirt with a pair of blue joggers and white sneakers is quite a catch for a street style look.