Pick of the Day

Winning ways to layer your dress right now

  • Ojasvi Sharma

    Fashion Columnist 8 Jan, 17

The deep freeze season has officially arrived, when the need to layer up and stay toasty becomes a priority- both sartorially and functionally. But are you familiar with the finer ways of layering your dress- your constant formal-slash-casual closet workhorse? Don’t fret, here are the three magic tricks:
  1. Sweater: Wear it in unexpected ways and raise you fashion FQ. Wear the lightweight ones under slip dresses, sleeveless numbers or skater dresses. Alternatively, wear a graphic print sweater over a satin dress or a jumpsuit for a look that is classy all the way.
  2. Bomber jacket: These jackets are the “it” girl of fashion. How can you leave them behind, then? A floral maxi dress worn with a bomber jacket will give your look a delicate edge, besides keeping you away from the frosty winds.
  3. Plaid shirt: Yup! Plaid’s been the official old school pattern of winters. Give a spin to your skater dress, sheath dress or a midi dress by wearing a plaid shirt over it. Tie it at the waist and add a coat when the chill gets bitter.