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Miland Soman’s ‘Great India Run’ is giving us some serious fitness goals

  • Anuradha Kaul

    Content Editor 5 Aug, 16

Milind Soman running barefoot from Ahmedabad to Mumbai – that’s Cool. Milind Soman’s 78 YO mom running barefoot in a sari – WOAH, that’s really something. The Great India Marathon is being called India’s first multi-city ultra-marathon that’s got everyone talking. Milind Soman’s 78 YO mom joining him in this run has in fact got us feeling guilty about skipping or not having any fitness regimen. If this guilt isn’t pushing and inspiring you to re-start your fitness regimen, we aren’t sure what really will?? If you are ready and all pumped-up to get on to the treadmill, here’s our collection of fab active-wear that you would need as you hit the gym. Read More...