Tip of the Day

Lowers to ace your FQ at college

  • Ojasvi Sharma

    Fashion Columnist  11 Jan, 17

Overlooking the legs? Not this Fall, sir! Lowers are incredibly powerful and can make you swing between a nebbish professor and natty fashion blogger. Besides, they scream utility. Little wonder, you need to know what lower styles work for you this season.
  1. The joggers: Who isn’t digging the streetwear slash sports luxe vibe? What better than to gift this relaxed silhouette that works well with a t-shirt as it does with a sweatshirt.
  2. Jeans: The lifeline of your college look, a pair of jeans is a the absolutely must have. Pick one in blue, black or grey, in a wash or with a distressed effect… the more you’ve got, the less it will be.
  3. Black slim-fit: It’s incomparable and the holy grail of trousers. Best gift ever, because it’s fool proof, flattering to all sizes and can swing between cool to class in nanoseconds.